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Types Of Resumes

Information related to skills and experiences can be presented in a chronological format, a functional format, or a combination of the two. Each format has its advantages and disadvantages. To select the type which best supports your strategy, review the following descriptive information and resume samples.

Chronological Resume

In the chronological resume, job history is organized chronologically with the most recent job listed first. Job titles and employers are emphasized and duties and accomplishments are described in detail. A chronological resume is easy to read, and can highlight career growth. It is suited to those whose career goals are clearly defined and whose job objectives are aligned with their work history.

A Chronological Resume Is Advantageous When:

  • Your recent employers and/or job titles are impressive.
  • You are staying in the same career field.
  • Your job history shows progress.
  • You are working in a field where traditional job search methods are utilized (e.g., education, government).

A Chronological Resume Is Not Advantageous When:

  • You are changing career fields.
  • You have changed employers frequently.
  • You want to de-emphasize age.
  • You have been recently absent from the job market or have gaps in employment.

Functional Resume

In a functional resume, skills and accomplishments developed through work, academic, and community experiences are highlighted. Your skills and potential can be stressed and lack of experience or possible gaps in work history de-emphasized.

The Functional Resume Is Advantageous When:

  • You want to emphasize skills not used in recent work experience.
  • You want to focus on skills and accomplishments rather than a lengthy employment history.
  • You are changing careers/re-entering the job market.
  • You want to market skills and experience gained through coursework and/or volunteer experience.
  • Your career growth in the past has not been continuous and progressive.
  • You have a variety of unrelated work experiences.
  • Your work has been free-lance, consulting, or temporary in nature.

The Functional Resume Is Not Advantageous When:

  • You have little work experience or leadership experience.
  • You want to emphasize promotions and career growth.
  • You are working in highly traditional fields, such as teaching, accounting, and politics, where employers should be highlighted. 

Combination Resume

This format combines the elements of the chronological and functional types. It presents patterns of accomplishments and skills in categorical sections or a single section called "Qualifications Summary." It also includes a brief work history and education summary. This format is advantageous for those who wish to change to a job in a related career field or strategically promote their most marketable skills.

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Types Of Resumes

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