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InterContinental Recruiting offers flexible and scalable human resource solutions to its clients globally. Be it short term or long term, or an interim placement or a supplemental support, ICR would take care of all your recruiting needs. It is a strategic HR advisor who offers cost-effective solutions.

Irrespective of the fact that you are already operating globally or are just getting started, we are at your service by driving this outsources service successfully. We provide dedicated services to international companies who are already doing or would like to do business in Bulgaria. Our dedicated team would make sure that your international policies are properly and completely enforced in employment contracts. The structure and process of the payroll are in compliance with the local rules.

The global HR policy rules would be different and hence, there is a need of translating it to the local processes. ICR would help you with this process in compliance with the local legislative requirements. We have multilingual staff that would cater to the needs of your people to the fullest.

We offer you an option of giving us the responsibility of acting as the local HR, where we would make sure the proper implementation of all procedures. ICR has the potential to help you grown your business by taking care of the administration, even when you are not present locally.

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